Coordination of Rotary Tiller and Tractor


    Rotary tiller is a kind of tillating machine which is equipped with tractor to complete the tillage and harrowing operation. It has the characteristics of strong crushing ability and flat surface after tilling, etc., and has been widely used. The correct use and adjustment of the rotary tiller, to maintain its good technical state, to ensure the quality of farming is crucial, and then teach you how to make the rotary tiller and the tractor work well to achieve a perfect cooperative relationship.

1. Install the blade. There are three commonly used installation methods, namely internal installation method, external installation method and staggered installation method, the internal installation of the left and right curved knives are bent to the middle of the knife shaft, this installation method tillage out of the land, the middle of the tillage has a ridge, very suitable for the cultivation of the front, can also make the unit across the ditch operation, play the role of filling the ditch; The left and right scimitar of the external installation method is bent to both ends of the tool shaft, and the knife at the outermost end of the tool shaft is bent to the inside. There is a shallow ditch in the middle of the tillage range. Finally, the staggered installation method, this farming method cultivated the ground is very flat, is a very common installation method, the left and right scimitar on the knife shaft staggered symmetrical installation, the knife shaft left, right most of the knife should bend in.

2. Connection and installation. The specific process is as follows: first cut off the power output shaft of the tractor, and then take down the cover of the shaft, hang the knife rotary tiller after the reverse, finally load the universal joint with a square shaft into the drive shaft of the rotary tiller, lift the rotary tiller and turn the knife shaft by hand to check the flexibility, and then fix the universal joint with a square sleeve into the tractor power output shaft.

3. Adjust before ploughing. First, adjust the front and back, after the rotary tiller to the depth of the ploughing, to check the Angle of the outer section, adjust the tractor suspension mechanism on the upper pull rod, so that the universal joint in a horizontal position, to hold the pillow universal joint can work under the most suitable conditions. Then adjust the left and right level, reduce the rotary tiller, make the tip stick to the ground, watch the height of the two tips is not the same, if not the same, it is necessary to adjust the height of the suspension rod, the same tip can ensure the same depth of the left and right.

4. Adjust before use. For example, the adjustment of the performance of the broken soil, the performance of the broken soil is closely related to the forward speed of the tractor and the rotational speed of the cutter shaft, the rotational speed of the cutter shaft must be, if the exercise speed of the tractor is accelerated, the cultivated soil will be larger, and the reverse will be smaller; The change of the position of the soil trailboard will also affect the effect of breaking soil, and the position of the flat soil trailboard can be fixed according to actual needs.


Post time: Aug-24-2023