• The charm of small rotary tillers

    Type rotary tiller has many charms. First, they are easy to maneuver and operate, making them an ideal tool for growers and gardening enthusiasts. Second, small rototillers quickly and efficiently prepare soil for growing crops or flowers. Additionally, they often have adjustable working depth an...
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  • Just how useful is a heavy-duty disc drive plow!

    A heavy-duty disc drive plow is a piece of agricultural machinery used for tillage and land preparation. This type of plow usually consists of a pair of rotating discs that turn and till the soil by being connected to a drive system. This type of plow is typically used to handle large fields and ...
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  • Rotary tillers have made a huge contribution to Indian agriculture.

    Rotary tillers have made a huge contribution to Indian agriculture.

    A rotary tiller is a mechanical equipment used for farming. It can perform plowing, plowing and other operations on the ground. The history of rototillers dates back to the 19th century, when people began experimenting with using steam power or tractors to replace traditional farming methods. In ...
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  • The advantage of Jiangsu Hercules rotary tiller!

    Jiangsu strongman’s rotary tiller uses an elevated gearbox to extend the life of the universal joint drive shaft. The whole machine is rigid, symmetrical, force balance, reliable work. Because the plough width is larger than the tractor rear wheel outer edge, no rear wheel or chain rolling ...
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  • The folding rotary tiller works so well!

    The folding rotary tiller is a kind of agricultural machinery used for ploughing, which is characterized in that it can be folded and stored, and is convenient to carry and store. The following is the analysis of the folding rotary tiller: Structure: folding rotary tiller generally by the central...
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  • The working principle, function and advantages of the ridge-building machine.

    The working principle, function and advantages of the ridge-building machine.

    The utility model relates to a ridge-building machine, which is a kind of construction machinery equipment used for building or reinforcing a land slope. It works by touching the soil with rotating and vibrating steel screens, which scrape the soil down the slope and then tighten it by gravity, s...
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  • What are the Main Functions of a Subsoiler?

    What are the Main Functions of a Subsoiler?

        Vigorously promoting and promoting deep plowing and subsoiling mechanized land technology is one of the main measures to further increase production. Next we will mainly take a look at the function of the subsoiler. 1. Before working on the subsoiler, the connecting bolts of each part must b...
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  • Agricultural mechanization promotes the development of agriculture!

        Agricultural mechanization has many promoting effects on the development of agriculture. The following are some main driving factors: Improving production efficiency: Agricultural mechanization can complete many heavy and repetitive agricultural tasks, such as sowing, harvesting, irrigation, ...
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  • The Origin of the Invention of the Disc Plough

    The Origin of the Invention of the Disc Plough

    The earliest farmers used simple digging sticks or hoes to dig and cultivate farmland. After the farmland was dug, they threw seeds into the ground in the hope of a good harvest. Early disc plough were made of Y-shaped wooden sections, and the branches below were carved into a pointed end. The t...
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  • How convenient is it to till the land with a rotary tiller?

    The rotary tiller is a commonly used tillage tool in modern agriculture and has many desirable conveniences. First, rotary tillers can cultivate land quickly and efficiently, saving farmers time and labor. Compared with traditional manual tillage methods, rotary tillers can cover a larger area of...
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  • Basic Introduction to Disc Plough

    Basic Introduction to Disc Plough

         A disc plough is a farm implement that consists of a heavy blade at the end of a beam. It is usually attached to a team of livestock or motor vehicles pulling it, but is also driven by humans, and is used to break up soil clods and plow trenches in preparation for planting.     Plows mainly...
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  • Seeds are the “chips” of agriculture.

    It is necessary to carry out seed source “stuck neck” technology Technical research. At present, more than 95% of the sown area of ​​independently selected varieties in our country has been improved, and improved varieties contribute to increasing grain production. The donation rate h...
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