Double disc ditching machine

Function description: 1KS-35 series ditching machine adopts double disc sharpening operation, not only sharpen the soil evenly, but also the throwing distance can be adjusted, there is no mud blocking under the fuselage, the ditching load is light, and the ditching is very clear, the method can meet the requirements of wide agronomy of TIANGUI noodles, and can also be applied to the no-tillage operation of various crops, i. e. , the operation sequence of sowing first and ditching later on the uncultivated land, cover the seeds with the sharpened soil of a ditching machine. Application of ditching machine:


1. Chain Trencher can be used for digging buried pipelines, cables, optical cables and so on. Fruit tree ditch fertilization, yam deep pine harvest. Urban construction and road construction to curb, garden fence thickness, foundation pit and so on.

2. The large disc trencher adopts integral structure and suspension link, and is driven by rear output shaft. It is applicable to the ditching of roadside stones on both sides of rural roads and the construction of landscaping. The disc ditching machine adopts alloy cutting tools and is suitable for ditching hard pavement such as asphalt road, concrete and water stabilized pavement.

3. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation. High efficiency, large furrow depth, adjustable width. It can adapt to different soil operation, cable operation, water supply pipeline and so on.

Advantages of ditching machine:

1. Using double disc grinding operation, not only grinding soil uniformity, but also adjustable distance.

2. The bottom of the fuselage does not block mud, ditches light load, ditches very clear.

3. It can meet a wide range of agronomic requirements, a variety of gutter operations, but also applicable to a variety of crops no-till operations.

Post time: Apr-18-2023