How to Choose a Suitable Trenching Machine?


    In recent years, with the development of science and technology, the types of trenching machine are also increasing, trenching machine is a new efficient and practical chain trenching device. It is mainly composed of power system, deceleration system, chain transmission system and soil separation system. So what are the common types of ditching machines?

Share plow trenching:

    Share plow as the earliest trenching equipment has been applied to farmland construction, its form is mainly hanging plow and traction plow two kinds. The ditching machine has the advantages of simple structure, fast speed, high efficiency, reliable operation, fewer parts, and the ditching depth is 30-50cm.

Spiral trenching machine:

    Spiral trenching machine is used in the rotary cultivator with a sharp knife to dig the trench, the trenching machine is fixed in the housing through the bearing on one end of the spindle is fixed with a power gear disc, the other end is connected with the passive shaft through the bevel gear, the lower end of the passive shaft is fixed with the propeller, the mud tile bracket on the side of the propeller is fixed with mud tile.


Disc Trencher:

    The main working part of this ditching machine is one or two high-speed rotating disks, the disk is surrounded by a milling cutter, milling down the soil can be according to different agronomic requirements, the soil evenly thrown to one side or both sides. Because of its small traction resistance, strong adaptability, can evenly disperse the soil in the ditch, high working efficiency, so it has been rapidly developed and widely used.


Chain knife trencher:

    Chain trencher began to rise, simple equipment, convenient assembly, the trench wall is neat, the bottom of the trench does not leave back soil, high efficiency, trench depth and trench width are easy to adjust, can be used in orchards, vegetable gardens and other farmland environment trench fertilization, drainage, irrigation. The excavating part of the chain cutter is a chain with a blade, the blade teeth cut the soil and bring it to the surface, and the screw conveyor carries the soil to one or both sides of the ditch.


Post time: Aug-10-2023