How to Fully Mechanize Rice Cultivation? (Part 1)


Paddy Rice Planting Production Process:

1. Cultivated land: plowing, rotary tillage, beating

2. Planting: seedling raising and transplanting

3. Management: spraying medicine, fertilizing

4. Irrigation: sprinkler irrigation, water pump

5. Harvesting: harvesting and bundling

6. Processing: grain drying, rice milling, etc.

    In the process of rice planting and production, if all the tasks are completed by manpower, the workload will be very huge, and the output will be very limited. But in today’s developed world, we have begun to mechanize the whole process of planting and producing crops, which greatly reduces the burden on workers and increases production.


Main classification and name of agricultural machinery: (Divided by function)

1. Cultivated land: tractors, plows, rotary tillers, beaters

2. Planting: seedling raising machine, rice transplanting machine

3. Management: Sprayer, Fertilizer

4. Irrigation: sprinkler irrigation machine, water pump

5. Harvesting: harvester, baler

6. Processing: grain dryer, rice mill, etc.

1. Tractor:


2. Plow:

Disc Plough


Why plowing:

    Drive disc plough can not only improve the soil, deepen the plow layer, eliminate diseases and insect pests, remove weeds, but also have the function of storing water and moisture, and preventing drought and flood.

1. Plowing can make the soil soft and suitable for the growth of plant roots and the absorption of nutrients.

2. The turned soil is soft and has good air permeability. Rainwater is easily retained in the soil and air can also enter the soil.

3. When turning the soil, it can also kill some insects hidden in the soil, so that the seeds sown can easily germinate and grow

3. Rotary tiller:

Rotary Tiller


Why use rotary tillage:

    The rotary tiller can not only loosen the soil, but also crush the soil, and the ground is quite flat. It integrates the three operations of plow, harrow and leveling, and has shown its advantages all over the country. Moreover, the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, small body and flexible maneuverability. Continuous simple rotary tillage for many years will easily lead to shallow plowing layer and deterioration of physical and chemical properties, so rotary tillage should be combined with plow tillage.

    See you in the next article for the rest of the fully mechanized rice planting.

Post time: May-18-2023