How to use a rotary tiller?

Rotary tiller is a tillating machine which is matched with tractor to complete the tillage and harrowing operations. Because of its strong ability to break soil and flat surface after ploughing, it has been widely used. At the same time, it can cut the root stubble buried below the surface, which is convenient for the seeder operation and provides a good seed bed for the later sowing. The correct use and adjustment of the rotary tiller is very important to maintain its good technical condition and ensure the quality of farming.

1. At the beginning of the operation, the rotary tiller should be in the lifting state, combined with the power output shaft, the knife shaft speed is increased to the rated speed, and then the rotary tiller is lowered, so that the blade is gradually buried to the required depth. It is strictly prohibited to combine the power output shaft or sharply drop the rotary tiller after the blade is put into the soil, so as not to cause the blade to bend or break and increase the load of the tractor.

2, in the operation, should try to slow down, so as to ensure the quality of the operation, so that the soil is fine, but also to reduce the wear of the parts. Pay attention to listen to whether the rotary tiller has noise or metal tapping, and observe the broken soil and the depth of the ploughing. If there is an anomaly, stop the machine immediately for inspection, and then continue the operation.

3. When turning in the ground, it is forbidden to work. The rotary tiller should be raised to make the blade leave the ground, and the tractor accelerator should be reduced to avoid damaging the blade. When lifting the rotary tiller, the inclination Angle of the universal joint operation should be less than 30 degrees, which will produce impact noise and cause premature wear or damage.

4. When reversing, crossing the ridge and transferring the plot, the rotary tiller should be lifted to the highest position and the power should be cut off to avoid damage to the parts. If it is transferred to a far distance, the rotary tiller should be fixed with a locking device.

5. After each shift, the rotary tiller should be maintained. Remove the dirt and weeds on the blade, check the fastening of each connector, add lubricating oil to each lubricating point, and add butter to the universal joint to prevent increased wear.微信图片_20230519143359

Post time: Aug-04-2023