Overseas Partners Visit Our Factory After Lifting Epidemic Prevention

    The arrival of the COVID-19 has hit many industries, especially the foreign trade industry. During the three years of COVID-19 lockdown, the itinerary originally scheduled with overseas partners to visit our Chinese factory has been postponed. It’s a pity that I can’t meet overseas friends who have cooperated for many years offline.

    However, this year China has fully lifted epidemic prevention and control measures, and various industries have resumed work and production. We can’t wait to invite our long-time partner Frank to visit our factory in China. He has always wanted to visit our factory and experience Chinese cuisine in China, so he gladly accepted our invitation.

    Frank arrived at our factory early in the morning and visited our workshop. He was very surprised to see our 50000 square meter factory and has been praising our beautiful environment.

    Firstly, we arrived at the production workshop of the trenching machine, where the double-disc trencher was neatly arranged. This is also a product he often purchases, and this time Frank witnessed the production process of the product firsthand. He felt that our materials were very good.

    Then we arrived at the production workshop of the rotary tiller, where the workers were busy assembling. This product is our most popular product and the purpose of Frank’s visit this time – he wants to purchase our rotary tiller. After seeing me finish the production of our rotary tiller, he was very happy to decide to purchase from us. We are also very happy to have such a pleasant partner.

    Finally, we took Frank to a restaurant to experience the unique Chinese cuisine, and he praised our cuisine endlessly. We also introduced him a lot about Chinese culture, and after listening, he had a great longing for us in China, hoping to have the opportunity to visit China again in the future. After lunch, we also left a group photo as a souvenir.


    We also hope to have more partners in the future to visit our factories in China. We will also bring all our partners to China to experience Chinese cuisine and culture.

Post time: May-09-2023