Rotary Tillage Fertilizer Seeder

The planter consists of a machine frame, a fertilizer box, a device for discharging seeds, a device for discharging fertilizer, a conduit for outputting seeds (fertilizer), a device for digging a trench, a device for covering soil, a walking wheel, a transmission device, a traction device, and a depth adjustment mechanism. The core of it is 1. Discharging seed implements; 2. Digging trenches.

The multiple operation seeder is a kind of machinery driven by power to smash the straw, rotate the soil, and insert seeds and fertilize the soil. One operation can achieve the effect of straw crushing, deep burying, seeding, fertilizing and other multiple operation processes.


Its working principle, rotary tillage part: after the tractor is coupled with the machine, the tractor's power is transmitted to the pinion shaft of the transmission box assembly of the machine through the output shaft and universal joint assembly, and then decelerated and changed direction through a pair of bevel gears, and then decelerated through a pair of cylindrical gears (with a bridge gear in the middle), and the power is transmitted to the cutter roll assembly through the cutter shaft spline shaft to make the cutter roll assembly rotate; Fertilization and seeding part: fertilization and seeding is driven by the friction between the rear pressing wheel and the ground to drive the drive wheel axle, and the seed metering device and fertilizer applicator are driven by the transmission of the side chains on both sides; When the whole machine is working, the seeds are covered with the fallen soil through rotary tillage.

1. The machine adopts the outer groove wheel type seed and fertilizer arrangement mechanism, with precise sowing quantity, stable performance and seed saving.
2. The machine adopts high quality square tube to ensure that the timing frame of sowing operation is not deformed. The transmission mechanism is connected with the transmission shaft, which is safe and reliable.
3. Adopt wide ditch opener, wide widening is beneficial to increase production.
4, Seed amount adjustment adopts hand wheel and gearbox structure, adjustment is more accurate and convenient.
5. The side of the fertilizer box adopts a circular arc surface, and the bottom surface adopts a V-shaped surface. The seed tube is placed on the side to put seed, which improves the working efficiency.

Post time: Apr-18-2023