Rotary tiller

It is suitable for the one-time operation of corn, cotton, soybean, rice and wheat straw that are erected or laid in the field.

Rotary tiller is a tillage machine that is matched with tractor to complete tilling and harrowing operations. Because of its strong soil crushing ability and flat surface after ploughing, it has been widely used; at the same time, it can cut the root stubble buried below the surface, which is convenient for the operation of the planter and provides a good seed bed for later planting. The drive type with rotating cutter teeth as the working part is also called rotary tiller. According to the configuration of the rotary tiller shaft, it is divided into two types: horizontal shaft type and vertical shaft type. The horizontal axis rotary cultivator with the horizontal axis of the knife is widely used. The classification has strong soil crushing ability. One operation can make the soil finely crushed, the soil and fertilizer are evenly mixed, and the ground is level. It can meet the requirements of dry land sowing or paddy field planting.


The machine adopts a heightening gearbox to extend the service life of the universal joint transmission shaft. The whole machine is rigid, symmetrical, balanced and reliable. The plowing range is larger than the outer edge of the rear wheel of the matched tractor. There is no tire or chain track indentation after tillage, so the surface is flat, tightly covered, with high work efficiency and low fuel consumption. Its performance is characterized by strong soil crushing ability, and the effect of one rotary tillage can reach the effect of several plows and rakes. It can be used not only for early tillage or hydroponics of farmland, but also for shallow tillage and mulching of saline-alkali land to inhibit salt rise, stubble removal and weeding, turn over and cover green manure, vegetable field preparation and other operations. It has become one of the main supporting agricultural tools for mechanized land preparation of water and early land.

Post time: Apr-18-2023