Seeds are the “chips” of agriculture.

It is necessary to carry out seed source “stuck neck” technology
Technical research. At present, more than 95% of the sown area of ​​independently selected varieties in our country has been improved, and improved varieties contribute to increasing grain production.
The donation rate has exceeded 45%, providing key support for successive bumper harvests of grain and stable production and supply of important agricultural products.
However, the independent innovation level of my country’s seed industry still lags behind that of developed countries. Some varieties, fields and links
It will affect the speed, quality and efficiency of agricultural development. This requires us to strengthen the protection and utilization of agricultural germplasm resources
use, accelerate the research on key core technologies, reduce the number of corn, soybeans, pigs, dairy cows and other varieties and national
The gap between the international advanced level and ensure independent and controllable sources of important agricultural products. At the same time, we will open up seed production,
Processing, sales, technical services and other links, gradually improve the innovation chain that deeply integrates industry, academia and research, and strengthen
Quickly improve the industrialization level of the seed industry, so that good seeds can grow into farmers’ hope of getting rich.

The key to implementing “hiding food in technology” lies in people, and the key lies in strengthening agricultural science and technology innovation. According to estimates, while alive
Under the same production conditions and unchanged inputs, only by increasing the household rate of agricultural technology, the grain yield per unit area can be increased.
The high amplitude can reach more than 10%. On the one hand, it is necessary to promote practical agricultural technology through agricultural technology extension and technical training.
Move the laboratory to the ground and write papers in the fields, speed up the transformation and application of agricultural scientific and technological achievements, and promote new products
Plants and new agronomic techniques have taken root, allowing farmers to learn them, use them, and make them effective, and open up the path to scientific and technological innovation.
“The last mile”. On the other hand, new business entities such as cooperatives and family farms are increasingly becoming agricultural
The “main force” of production must lead and motivate more small farmers to take up the “golden pole” and enhance agricultural innovation
strength, competitiveness and total factor productivity. Further gather the synergy of modern resource elements to combine talents,
Capital, technology, etc. are twisted into one rope, such as rotary tillers, seed drills, trenchers and other agricultural machinery. Let new farmers lead the formation of more “scientific and technological communities” to provide agricultural
Inject new vitality into development.

Post time: Sep-15-2023