Surprise! There are more than 2,000 years of history of cattle become cattle!

Cattle farming began in the spring and Autumn period, has been more than two thousand years of history.


In Yangzhou, buffaloes are used to till the land, not scalpers. Therefore, in Jiangdu District, there is a saying that “Cattle also plow the land, Buffalo is not valuable”, which means that the cattle are not strong enough, but the buffalo is powerful and capable. In the past, young buffaloes were used to till the land, while mature buffaloes were used to level the land, “After you turn the soil over, you have to sun it first. After you loosen the soil, you can irrigate it, and then you can level it with cows. If you turn the soil over, you can immediately irrigate the field with water. This land is cold water, and the soil is sticky. The cows can’t take it if you level it.” Rotary Tillers don’t have these problems.


On average, a buffalo can level more than 10 mu of rice fields a day. In the past in the busy season, is generally a group of several people, people stop the cattle do not stop. A water buffalo can plough for 20 years or so, and as it gets older, the land fills up. The whole rotary tiller machine rigid, symmetry, force balance, reliable work. Because the plough width is larger than the tractor rear wheel outer edge, no rear wheel or chain rolling indentation after ploughing, so the surface is smooth, the coverage is strict, the efficiency is high, the fuel consumption is low. Its performance is characterized by strong soil crushing ability, a rotary tilling to achieve the effect of general plough and Harrow several times. It can be used not only for dry land or hydroponics, but also for shallow tillage and mulching on saline-alkali land to restrain salt rising, stubble and weed killing, mulch and mulch green manure, and soil preparation in vegetable fields, it has become one of the main supporting farm tools for mechanized land preparation in water and dryland areas.

Land of Plenty in Yangzhou, buffalo farmland was once a landscape on the fields, with the development of agricultural machinery, buffalo farmland, leveling the scene has rarely seen. Now the spring plowing season, in the field, can often see a table tiller, planter, plow and other agricultural machinery in the busy shuttle. Today, cattle become“Iron cattle”, the picture of farming has been quietly changed. In the field, the farmers are driving the rotary tiller skillfully to shuttle back and forth in the field. With the help of machinery, the heavy agricultural work in the past has become much easier.

Modern agriculture from drive disc plough, Harrow, sowing to harvest the whole process of farming mechanization, not only improve the quality and efficiency of agricultural products, but also solve the problem of labor shortage.


Post time: May-11-2023