The advantage of Jiangsu Hercules rotary tiller!

Jiangsu strongman’s rotary tiller uses an elevated gearbox to extend the life of the universal joint drive shaft. The whole machine is rigid, symmetrical, force balance, reliable work. Because the plough width is larger than the tractor rear wheel outer edge, no rear wheel or chain rolling indentation after ploughing, so the surface is smooth, the coverage is strict, the efficiency is high, the fuel consumption is low. Its performance is characterized by strong soil crushing ability, a rotary tilling to achieve the effect of general plough and Harrow several times. It can be used not only for dry land or hydroponics, but also for shallow tillage and mulching in saline-alkali land to restrain salt rising, stubble and weed killing, mulch and mulch green manure, and soil preparation in vegetable fields, it has become one of the main supporting farm tools for mechanized land preparation in water and dryland areas.

A conventional rotary tiller usually consists of a fuselage, an engine, a pair of blades, and a pair of wheels. Fuselage: the fuselage of a rotary tiller is usually made of steel or aluminum alloy, with strong and durable features. The fuselage is usually rectangular in shape, with a pair of wheels at the bottom to keep the machine stable. Engine: Rototiller usually use gasoline or diesel engine, the power of the engine determines the machine farming capacity. The engine is usually located at the front of the fuselage to provide power for the tiller blades. Tiller Blades: a rotary tiller is equipped with a pair of rotating tiller blades, usually made of high-strength steel. The number and shape of farming blades can vary according to the type of machine, generally with 2 to 4 blades. The rotation of the blades creates a strong centrifugal force that tills and tills the ground. Wheels: the bottom of the rotary tiller is equipped with a pair of wheels, usually rubber tires with a wide tread. The wheels adjust the depth of tillage and keep the machine stable. Some rotary tillers are also equipped with adjustable wheel height device, can be adjusted according to the actual situation. In addition to the above basic structure, some advancedrotary tillers/about-us/ are also equipped with some additional functions, such as Fender, protective cover, fuel tank, joystick and so on. These functions can improve the convenience and safety of the machine. Generally speaking, the common rotary tiller is simple in structure and convenient in operation, suitable for home gardening and farmland farming and other scenes.

Post time: Nov-24-2023