The farm machinery is full of overhauls and busy.

The tractor drove into the paddy field in front of the house, and the rotary tiller hung behind it, the blades flipped and rattled.
Plow and level off. It didn’t take long for the job to be done. “Now is the time to prepare for plowing, plow the land, and give
Prepare for spring plowing. “Xu Zongquan jumped off the tractor, “I can plow more than 40 mu of land a day!”

Xu Zongquan, who lives in Zhongling Village, Xinli Town, Zhongxian County, Chongqing, is a major planter nearby. Now, he is in the village
The Golden Land Professional Cooperative was established in Li to provide mechanized services for nearby villagers.

Walking into the Golden Land Professional Cooperative, the most eye-catching things in the yard are all kinds of machines. The land in the mountain city of Chongqing is very uneven, and the slopes at the corners still need a small iron ox”-micro-tiller; beside the wall, there is a dryer; in the corner, there are 6 fertilizer applicators neatly stacked; there are two red Drones…”Look, this is just bought
The new rice transplanter has 3 robotic arms and is very efficient. These two drones can fly and broadcast微信图片_20230519143359
Spray pesticides. “Speaking of these agricultural machinery, Xu Zongquan is very familiar with it.

Thinking back to doing farm work when I was young, when it was warm and cold in the early spring, I supported the plowshare in the water barefoot and drove the buffalo; Just one word: tired. “Now mechanization is more efficient, and people are much more relaxed.”

While talking, Xu Zongquan went into the machine and tapped, “Check it now
There are many orders on hand, so we can’t lose the chain by then. “He poked his head out and smiled.

Test flying drones, overhaul the size of “iron cattle”, go to the county to purchase new machines… not only Xinli Town
Recently, professional cooperatives and large growers in several villages and towns next door have also begun to prepare farm tools.

At the beginning of the new year, Zhong County publicized the purchase of agricultural machinery through various methods such as the Internet, leaflets and mobile vehicles.
subsidy policy. In addition, the city of Chongqing implements agricultural machinery purchase subsidies of 72 million yuan, and organizes agricultural machinery personnel to enter the village
Enter the house, guide the operator to maintain, debug and overhaul agricultural machinery.

Post time: Jun-30-2023