What Do You Need to Pay Attention to about the Disc Trencher?


    Disc trencher is a small machine dedicated to farmland farming, the trencher is small in size, easy to operate and control, is a field helper of individual disc cultivation farmers, maintenance of disc trencher equipment, not only to pay attention to daily maintenance and maintenance, in the usual use should also focus on its several important components.


The important components of the disc trencher are as follows:

1.The engine, the engine is the power source of the disk trencher, according to the different use of fuel, divided into diesel engine and gasoline engine two.

2. Transmission structure, the power of the engine is transmitted through the main clutch connected to the upper part of the belt and transmission assembly, the transmission is input through the main clutch, and the transmission is transmitted to the driving wheel through the drive shaft to promote the driving of the disk trencher.

3. The driving wheel, the driving wheel is installed on the drive shaft of the lower part of the transmission assembly, the power of the engine is transmitted to the driving wheel through the transmission to promote the work of the disk trencher, when walking on the road, you can use the driving wheel on the road, when farming, the use of farming wheels.

4. Armrest frame, armrest is the operating mechanism of the disc trencher, armrest is installed with the main clutch lever, throttle handle, starting switch, steering clutch handle, armrest adjustment screws, etc.

5. Agricultural machinery, circular trenching machine farming common agricultural machinery mainly has ploughshare, field rotary cutting machine, trenching machine, resistance bar, etc., you can choose the appropriate agricultural machinery according to the use.

    The disk-type trencher has low energy consumption, flexible use, convenient movement and good use effect. If equipped with suitable mechanical appliances, its use will be more extensive.

Post time: Jul-27-2023