Agricultural Machinery 1LQY-925 Drive Disc Plough Use with Farm Tractor

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Disc plough is a common agricultural machinery used for reclamation of land, deep ploughing of loose soil, and surface treatment of cultivated land. Through the rotating motion of the disc, the soil is softened and turned over, and weeds, roots and other materials are turned over and mixed to achieve the effect of tillage and leveling.

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The structure and composition of the disk-driven plough are mainly composed of a plough body, a rotary table, a support frame and a three-point suspension device with a tractor. Disk drive plough usually adopts advanced transmission system, which can accurately control the speed and direction of the disk, so as to improve work efficiency and save labor costs.
Disc drive plow working principle: in use disc drive plow by a tractor or other power source drive, the disc began to rotate and through the field. The conical design of the plow body effectively separates the soil, decouples it, and creates an inverted state in the soil. The disc's design allows it to better hold soil and allows deep tillage of loose soil. When ploughing, the driver needs to control the speed and direction of the machine to ensure that the disc plow sweeps the ground at the right depth and angle. Advantages of cd-rom drive plow.
Model 1LQY-925 driving disc plough adopts the rear three-point suspension mechanism of the tractor, and the power is transmitted to the disc plough gearbox through the rear power output shaft to drive the disc plough to rotate, it is mainly used in paddy field or dry tillage of mature land, and is characterized by turning over soil plot, clear organization, flat field surface, turning and burying rice and wheat stubble and safflower grass in the bottom of the field, easy to rot, and beneficial to increase the organic fertility of farmland. The machine has the characteristics of simple structure, compact, reasonable configuration, good manufacturing technology, easy adjustment, using scraper, soil-free, non-blocking, reliable work. This machine can break the soil, plow and stubble, cut off the roots and meet the agricultural requirements of paddy field preparation. It is an advanced and reasonable land preparation machine.

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Working width(m)


Job Depth(mm)


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Rake diameter(mm)


Rake spacing(mm)


Rotating speed of cutter shaft(r/min)


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Packaging Detail: Iron pallet or wooden cases
Delivery Detail: By sea or By air

1. Waterproof packing with the international export standard by 20ft, 40ftcontainer.Wooden Case or Iron Pallet.

2. The whole set of machines size are large as normal, so we will use Waterproof materials to packall of them. The motor, gear box or other easily damaged parts, we will put them into box.


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