Agricultural Machinery 1ZG-260 Ridger, Work Efficiency is 40-50 Times that of Manual

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The machine is a kind of machine used for road construction, which is mainly used for thickening and compacting the soil on the roadbed in order to construct the road. It can be operated on different materials such as lime, cement and asphalt to meet different road construction needs. The ridging machine is usually composed of the machine body, the front knife, the knife frame, the back frame and the back knife.

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the type of ridging machine: there are many types of ridging machine, including roadbed roller, roller, vibratory roller and vibratory ridging machine. All kinds of ridging machines are designed according to different requirements of road construction.
The structure of the ridging machine: the main parts of the ridging machine include the machine body, the front knife, the back frame and the back knife. The fuselage is the main part of the ridging machine, usually driven by an engine, which controls the position of the front and rear blades through a hydraulic system. The Rake is the first tool of the ridge-building machine and is used to cut and break up obstacles on the road. The back frame is a large metal box used to hold the soil excavated from the roadbed during the construction of the ridge. The rear cutter is used to level the roadbed and adjust the height and shape of the roadbed. 3. The working principle of the ridging machine: the ridging machine compresses and cuts the soil on the road surface through the roller wheels on the machine body, pushing the soil into the back frame at the same time. The rear frame slopes down when filled with soil, leaving a level surface on the road.

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Advantages of the ridging machine: The machine built the wall solid, flat, basic no manual assistance, ridging quality is significantly better than artificial ridging, compactness is also very good. This machine has high working efficiency. It can be used with wheeled tractors of different horsepower according to the size of the machine. The efficiency is 40-50 times that of manual work.


Model name

1ZG-260Ridge building machine

External dimensions(Long * wide * high)(mm)


The height of the ridge(mm)


Width of ridge top(mm)


Matching power(kW)


Type of earth fetching device

Rotary blade screw push

Take Earth blade form


The rotation speed of the Earth Cutter Roller(r/min)


Operation Speed(km/h)


Method of connection with tractor

Suspension type

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Packaging Detail: Iron pallet or wooden cases
Delivery Detail: By sea or By air

1. Waterproof packing with the international export standard by 20ft, 40ftcontainer.Wooden Case or Iron Pallet.

2. The whole set of machines size are large as normal, so we will use Waterproof materials to packall of them. The motor, gear box or other easily damaged parts, we will put them into box.


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