Agricultural Machinery 1SZL Series Omnidirectional Subsoiler Complete the Soil Subsoiling

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A subsoiler is a mechanical device used to cultivate or improve soil, also known as a tiller or tiller. It can loosen soil deeply, destroy soil structure, improve soil physical properties and make soil more suitable for crop growth. In modern agricultural production, subsoiling machine has become one of the indispensable equipment. The subsoiling machine is mainly composed of a frame, a cutter head, a blade, a transmission device and a support, etc. . A pair of knife disks with blades are arranged on the rack and are connected to the power source through a transmission device. The rotating knife disks can loosen the soil. During the operation of the subsoiling machine, the blade will turn up the soil and mix the impurities such as weeds, roots and straws in the soil to finish the operation of deep ploughing and loosening the soil.

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1SZL series soil subsoiling and soil preparation combined machine is a new type of soil subsoiling and tillage in one machine. The utility model is composed of a front subsoiler and a rear tiller. To complete the subsoiling of the soil and the rotary tillage of the surface soil layer at one time, to reduce the number of tractors entering the soil, to effectively maintain the soil aggregate structure, and to enhance the soil water storage and moisture retention capacity, the utility model is a novel compound working machine for farmland operation.

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The advantages of subsoiling machine are high operation efficiency and good operation quality. It can loosen a large area of land in a short time, improve soil ventilation and drainage, and provide more favorable growing environment for crops. Moreover, the subsoiler can excavate deeper soil layers, which is beneficial to the penetration of nutrients and the growth of roots of plants.

Of course, the machine also has its shortcomings. In the use of the need to pay attention to the control of depth and speed, so as to avoid excessive loosening of the soil damage.




Minimum depth of subsoiling(cm)


Tillage extent(m)


Subsoiling spade spacing


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Depth of tillage(cm)


Number of deep shovels(number)


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Rotary Tiller

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Packaging Detail: Iron pallet or wooden cases
Delivery Detail: By sea or By air

1. Waterproof packing with the international export standard by 20ft, 40ftcontainer.Wooden Case or Iron Pallet.

2. The whole set of machines size are large as normal, so we will use Waterproof materials to packall of them. The motor, gear box or other easily damaged parts, we will put them into box.


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