Advantages of subsoiler

The use of deep soiling machine can effectively improve the soil water retention capacity, fully accept natural precipitation, and establish soil reservoirs, which will play an important role in solving the bottleneck of agricultural constraints in arid regions and promoting the development of agricultural production.

① It can effectively break the hard plough bottom formed by ploughing or stubble removal for a long time, effectively improve the soil permeability and air permeability, and the soil bulk density after deep softening is 12-13g/cm3, which is just suitable for crop growth and development and conducive to the deep rooting of crops. The depth of mechanical subsoiling can reach 35-50cm, which is simply not possible with other farming methods.

② Mechanical subsoiling operation can greatly improve the soil storage capacity of rain and snow water, and can also raise soil moisture from the core soil layer in the dry season, and increase the water storage of the ploughing layer.

③ The deep-loosening operation only loosens the soil, does not turn the soil, so it is especially suitable for the plot of shallow black soil layer and should not be turned over.

④Compared with other operations, mechanical subsoiling has low resistance, high working efficiency and low operating cost. Due to its unique structural characteristics of working parts, the working resistance of subsoiling machine is significantly less than that of share plowing, and the reduction rate is 1/3. As a result, work efficiency is higher and operating costs are reduced.

⑤ Mechanical deep loosening can make rain and snow water infiltration, and stored in 0-150cm soil layer, forming a huge soil reservoir, so that summer rain, winter snow and spring, drought, to ensure soil moisture content. Generally speaking, the plots with less deep soil than deep soil can store 35-52mm more water in the 0-100cm soil layer, and the average water content of the 0-20cm soil is generally increased by 2%-7% compared with the traditional farming conditions, which can realize the dry land without drought and ensure the emergence rate of a sowing.

⑥ Deep loosening does not turn the soil, can maintain the vegetation cover of the surface, prevent soil erosion and soil erosion, is conducive to the protection of the ecological environment, reduce the field sand and floating dust weather caused by the soil exposure due to turning the land, and reduce environmental pollution.

Mechanized subsoiling is suitable for all kinds of soil, especially for medium and low yield fields. The average yield increase of maize is about 10-15%. The average yield increase of soybean is about 15-20%. Subsoiling can increase the utilization rate of irrigation water by at least 30%.

Post time: Jul-12-2023