How to Fully Mechanize Rice Cultivation? (Part 2)


    In the previous issue, we explained the usefulness of the three agricultural machinery, and then we will continue to explain the remaining content.

4、Paddy Beater:



    Paddy beater is a new type of machinery with excellent performance for returning straw to farmland and plowing. When using the early rotary blade, it can be used as the early field rotary tiller. Beating is an essential part of paddy field farming. Beating, as the name suggests, is to make mud into a slurry, that is, to fully stir water and mud to form a fine rice cultivation layer. Why beat it? Beating helps the seedlings to stabilize and take root, prevents excessive and rapid infiltration of water, and also realizes functions such as leveling the ground and crushing rice perennial roots back to the field.

5. Seedling Raising Machine:


    The main advantage of the seedling raising method of the seedling raising machine is that the seedling age is short, the seedlings are strong, and the management is convenient. It can be inserted by machine or by hand, with high work efficiency and good quality. The seedlings can be intensified and the production is specialized. Save species, save water, and have high economic benefits.

6. Rice Transplanter:


    Rice transplanter is a kind of agricultural machinery for planting rice seedlings in rice fields. When planting, first take out several rice seedlings from the seedbed with mechanical claws and plant them in the soil in the field. In order to keep the angle between the seedbed and the ground at right angles, the front end of the mechanical claws must adopt an elliptical action curve when moving. The action is accomplished by means of a planetary mechanism of rotating or deforming gears, and the forward engine can drive these action machines at the same time.

    Today we explained the role of three types of farming machinery in rice planting. I believe everyone has a new understanding of farming machinery. In the future, we will continue to share the role of other agricultural machinery in rice planting. If you are interested, you can pay attention to it, so stay tuned!

    See you in the next article for the rest of the fully mechanized rice planting.

Post time: May-23-2023