How to Fully Mechanize Rice Cultivation? (Part 3)

    Last week, we learned how to use a paddy beater, seedling raising machine, and transplanting machine to grow rice. I believe everyone has a certain understanding of mechanized planting. The use of machines can indeed achieve twice the result with half the effort, improve efficiency, and reduce labor costs.

    Today we will learn about how to use machines to complete tasks after rice has matured.

7. Harvester:


    A harvester is an integrated machine for harvesting crops. Harvesting and threshing are completed at one time, and the grains are collected in the storage bin, and then the grains are transported to the transport vehicle through the conveyor belt. Manual harvesting can also be used to spread the straw of rice, wheat and other crops in the field, and then use Grain harvesting machinery for picking and threshing. Crop harvesting machinery for harvesting grains and stalks of cereal crops such as rice and wheat.

8. Strapping machine:


A baler is a machine used to bale grass. Has the following characteristics:

1. It has a wide range of applications, and can be used for rice straw, wheat straw, cotton stalks, corn stalks, rape stalks, and peanut vines. Bean stalks and other straw, grass picking and bundling;

2. There are many supporting functions, which can be directly picked up and bundled, or cut first and then picked up and bundled, or crushed first and then bundled;

3. High working efficiency, can pick up and bundle 120-200 mu per day, and output 20-50 tons.

9. Dryer:


    It is a kind of machine that generates heat source through electricity, fuel, combustibles, etc., heats it with air, transports it to various locations, controls it with instruments, and then achieves a suitable temperature for dehumidification treatment.

10. Rice rolling machine:


    The principle of rice milling is simple, that is, by extrusion and friction. A cast iron cylinder, divided into upper and lower parts, the lower part is fixed on the stand, and there is a rice outlet below. The upper part has a rice inlet, which can be opened to clean the inside. It can be driven by a diesel engine, etc.

    Thus, the production process of rice is completed.

    So if you want to mechanize rice cultivation in the whole process, you need to use tractors, disc plough, rotary tillers, paddy beaters, seedling raising machines, rice transplanters, harvesters, balers, dryers, and rice mills.

Post time: May-29-2023