The main structure of the ridger.

The ridger is a kind of agricultural machinery, which is used for the ridge of farmland and levees, convenient and fast, saving a lot of manpower and material resources, and is one of the agricultural machinery for agriculture, water and forestry.

Paddy field ridging is an important link in the process of rice production. For a long time, paddy field ridging has been built by hand with some labor tools, which has low efficiency, poor quality, difficult labor and high cost, which directly affects rice production. Therefore, the best way to build rice field ridge is to use paddy field special ditching and ridge machine.

Main structure and function of each part

① Main structure. The structure of the paddy field special ditching and ridging machine is shown in the figure. The machine is mainly composed of 7 parts: frame, suspension frame, round cutter, ditching device, driving part, trumpet forming device and height adjusting device.

② Function of each part. The function of the frame and suspension frame: the frame is connected with the suspension frame, which is used to support the weight of the whole machine and is connected with the tractor suspension. The function of the round cutter: (1) cut soil and break the soil, so that the soil surface is smooth; (2) Cut the straw and weeds, do not need to remove the weeds in the working area, you can build a ridge operation, build a solid ridge.

③ Function of ditching and ditching device. (1) ditching; (2) Shovel up the soil, through the two sides of the plow body cheek soil transport to the middle horn shaped ridge; (3) Two ditches collapsed on both sides of the ridge.

The transmission part is mainly transmitted through the combination of gear transmission and chain transmission. The gear box is mainly composed of box cover, box, driving gear, driven bevel gear, bearing seat, etc. The chain transmission part is mainly composed of driving sprocket, driven sprocket and chain.

⑤ Function of the horn forming device. The mound is extruded into a trapezoidal ridge narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, and compacted to build the ridge.

⑥ Function of height adjustment device. The height and firmness of the trapezoidal ridge width and ridge are controlled by the screw adjustment of the height adjustment device. If the ridge is too high and too narrow, the adjustment double nut is lowered and the reverse is raised.

Post time: Aug-15-2023