The working principle, function and advantages of the ridge-building machine.

The utility model relates to a ridge-building machine, which is a kind of construction machinery equipment used for building or reinforcing a land slope. It works by touching the soil with rotating and vibrating steel screens, which scrape the soil down the slope and then tighten it by gravity, so as to realize the goal of building or reinforcing the slope.

The main function of the ridging machine is to reinforce the land slope, especially in the places where the slope needs to be reinforced, such as construction engineering, highway construction, river regulation and so on. It can make the soil more compactness and stability by vibration, and improve the anti-slide and anti-scour of the slope. In addition, the bank-building machine can also realize the planarization and beautification of the slope and enhance the land use value.

The advantages of the machine are as follows:

High Efficiency: the machine has the characteristics of high-efficient operation, can quickly and effectively complete the task of slope reinforcement, improve work efficiency.

Stability: the machine makes the soil more compactness and stability by vibration, which can increase the anti-slide and anti-scour of the slope and improve the stability of the slope.

Flexibility: the operation of the ridging machine is flexible and convenient, can adapt to a variety of complex terrain and slope construction needs.

Cost reduction: compared with the traditional artificial reinforcement, the ridging machine can reduce the use of human resources, reducing construction costs.

Environmental Protection: the ridging machine adopts mechanical operation, which reduces the environmental pollution caused by a large number of manual work and meets the requirements of modern environmental protection.

Protect the safety of workers: the machine can reduce the safety risk of manual work to the workers and provide a safer working environment.

The function of the ridging machine is to construct and reinforce the construction machinery equipment of the land slope. Its main functions include:

slope construction: the machine can help the slope of soil finishing and leveling to make it meet the design requirements. It can excavate loose soil from slopes and pile it up where it needs to be reinforced for subsequent reinforcement.

Slope reinforcement: through the action of vibration and compaction, the ridging machine compacts the soil and improves the stability and anti-slide of the slope. It can effectively reduce the landslide and collapse risk of slope and protect the safety of slope.

Land treatment: the machine can be used for land treatment and geological disaster treatment, such as land leveling, landfill, foundation reinforcement. It can be used for land levelling to make land suitable for use in construction projects, farmland consolidation and infrastructure construction.

Geological Survey: the machine can be used with other survey equipment, such as drilling machine, measuring instruments, for geological survey and soil analysis. It can obtain geological information through drilling, vibration and sampling, and provide reference data for engineering design and construction.

In a word, the ridging machine plays an important role in land slope engineering, including building slope, reinforcing slope, regulating land and geological survey. It can improve slope stability, reduce landslide and collapse risk, and provide reliable land information for engineering design and construction.


Post time: Nov-03-2023