Understanding the Disc Plough Begins with Its Structure


    I believe that many people are friends from rural areas. They often use a lot of farming machinery when farming in the countryside, and the machine we are going to introduce today is related to farming.

    A disc plough is a cultivating machine with a three-dimensional disc as the working part. One part of the disc plow is usually one of the parts of a hollow sphere. Supported on the bearings of the columns. At this moment, the surface of the disc will be at the same angle with the forward direction and the vertical direction respectively, which are called declination angle and inclination angle. There are generally 3 to 6 discs in a standard disc. When working, the machine will move forward, and the disc plow will be fully embedded in the soil at this moment. At this time, while the soil block will rise along the concave surface, the soil block will be turned over and broken by virtue of the mutual cooperation of the scraper. This kind of tillage machinery is usually suitable for dry and hard land, or soil with many stones and grass roots, and does not require frequent replacement of equipment, nor does it require default maintenance. The cost of maintenance is quite low and will not form an overly solid ditch. end. Although the covered land is not complete, it is very beneficial to fully prevent water loss in arid areas and salt return in saline-alkali land.

    The disc plough was invented by people at the end of the 19th century. Later, with the increase of demand, there was greater development, and the speed of replacement was very fast. It was in a process of continuous improvement. Now as people The demand for production has become larger and has gradually matured. How many parts are the internal structures in the disk divided into? This includes the gearbox, joystick, left arm, left arm housing, disc shaft, drive gear, clutch, sprocket case, and discs. Commonly used rods are often installed on the gearbox and will be connected with the meshing sleeve. In addition, it also includes the driving shaft, driven shaft, passive meshing gear, power gear, right box, and the transmission gear sleeve is installed on the On the driving shaft, and the engaging sleeve is also set on the automatic shaft.


    You can search on the Internet how these structures are installed on the disc plow, and what is the use of each part. After all, each structure is inseparable from promoting agricultural production, so you can learn more about it from this aspect .

Post time: Sep-08-2023